we will unfuck this situation at a later date (paperflowered) wrote in gen_ficathon,
we will unfuck this situation at a later date

Mod Note: Schedule Changes

So! It looks like I was wrong about waiting to post all the stories at once. Apparently only so many entries can wait in the queue, or someone can only have one entry in the queue and can't post another, which puts our pinch hitters at a disadvantage, or whatever. The end result being: the first ten stories are now up for reading! I will release more stories as the days go by so that the queue doesn't get clogged up. Hopefully everything will be up and running and finished in a week.

ETA: It turns out my tagging settings were incorrect. I've tagged all the stories released so far. I don't know whether the tags will go through for the stories waiting in the queue, but if you could I'd appreciate it if you checked your entry when it's released (I think LJ will send an email letting you know). But I plan on combing through everything anyway. :)
Tags: !admin, !round one
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