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we will unfuck this situation at a later date

Round One: Rules & Timeline

This is a fanfiction exchange, so by signing up and requesting a story, you agree to write a story in return.

If you sign up but don't write a story, you will be considered in default. You can default by a certain date (two weeks before the final deadline) and not be blacklisted from future rounds; however, if you default after that date, you will not be allowed to participate in future rounds.

Writers will submit at least three and preferably four requests, two of which must be from official fandoms. (Official fandoms will be determined soon, through a nomination/voting process, and a list will be posted.) You may request ANY fandom, whether official, just nominated, or something else entirely.

This is specifically a GENFIC exchange. The best definition of genfic I've found is from hp_misfitfics - in a genfic, "the relationship is not the primary focus, and the action does not center around them getting together, being together, breaking up, or has one of them dwelling on unrequited feelings for the other." Characters can be in relationships in the background of the fic. You can write any genre besides romance/smut: friendship, action, introspection, fluff, drama, crack - anything.

For the sake of simplicity, we do not allow RPF or crossovers.

Stories must be a minimum of 1000 words; there is no maximum. Stories must be beta-read prior to submission. We will have a post where beta-readers can give their contact info.

ALL stories will be held in the moderation queue until every recipient receives a story, and then they will all be released. Unlike the Secret Santa-style exchanges, there will be no mystery as to who wrote each story.

May 19-26: Nominations for Official Fandoms
May 27-June 3: Voting for Official Fandoms
June 4-25: Sign-Ups
June 28: Assignments Sent Out
July 28: Default Deadline
August 11: Final Deadline for Initial Participants
August 18: Final Deadline for Pinch-Hitters
(projected) August 20: Posting Begins!
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