November 2nd, 2009

Round One is finished.

All the fics that were sent in have been posted. FOUR of our recipients still have not received stories, and it doesn't look like their writers will come through (in the interest of full disclosure, one of them is me). However, I'd like to give all y'all the opportunity to gift them with some fic (of any length - doesn't have to be 1000 words). Post it to the community as usual, if one of these prompts catches your fancy!

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I'd like to thank all of our pinch hitters, and especially alexajohnson, who picked up not one, but TWO extra stories to write, on top of her original assignment. :) Thanks hon.

Real life has been especially time-consuming in the last few months - as I'm sure you've noticed - and it doesn't seem like that's changing. In a few days I'll put up a poll and questions for your feedback and the future of gen_ficathon.

The masterlist is coming soon! *g*