August 31st, 2009

[OTP] Ian/Wanda

Star Trex XI: "I'm A Doctor, Not Your Dating Service" - for istoria

Title: "I'm A Doctor, Not Your Dating Service"
Recipient: istoria
Author: not_from_stars
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Character(s): Bones, Kirk
Prompt: Kirk is a little too friendly with the nurses and its time for Bones to lay down the law... or at least try to.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,120
Author's Notes: Sorry this is so late. Between being sick and Year End attacking at work, I've been a mess.
Summary: On a ship as big as the Enterprise, it wasn't surprising that Leonard "Bones" McCoy had a long laundy list of complaints about things he just was not happy about. Some might say that it would take less time to list the things that he was happy about as his complaints could last long into the hour if you happened to be there to listen to him.

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