August 15th, 2009

"Stealing His Way In" For betareject

Title: Stealing His Way In
Recipient: betareject
Author: Spockish_girl
Fandom: Star Trek XI (09)
Character(s): Captain Robau, George Kirk, mentioning of Winona
Prompt: "I would love to know his back story and the friendship he had with Jim's father."
Rating: G
Word Count: 2889
Author's Notes: Sorry it's late! I hope it was what you were looking for! Or somewhat. :-) Beta read by sesshy_is_sexii. Thank you. :-)
Summary: The first meeting between George Kirk and Captain Robau of Star Trek XI. This takes place months before the beginning moments of Star Trek XI. This is the start of the friendship between George Kirk and Captain Robau.

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FK--vamp trio, historical
  • abby82

Forever Knight: "when you blood is gone, how will you survive?"--for foxy11814

Title: when your blood is gone, how will you survive?
Recipient: foxy11814
Author: abby82
Fandom: Forever Knight
Character(s): Nicholas de Brabant, Lucien LaCroix
Prompt: friendship; familial bonds; the father/son relationship
Rating: PG for non-graphic vampiric killing
Word Count: 2009
Author's Notes: Written for the .
Summary: “You really do like me. You just don’t know that you do.”

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