August 1st, 2009

[thursday] fire

X-Men Movieverse: "Limbo" - for monkianen

Title:   Limbo
Recipient:  Monkianen
Author:  b_dsaint 
Fandom:  X-Men Movieverse
Character(s):  Wolverine
Prompt: What if Wolverine hadn't lost his memories in the first place? How his life would have been?
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1028
Author's Notes:  Thank you to solarcat  and babykid528 for putting up with me.  Saints, the both of you.  Hopefully this is in line with what the prompter wanted. Time line wise this takes place after X-Men 1, but before X-Men 2.  References Origins but is definitely an Alternate Universe.
Summary:   The adamantium bullet killed Logan briefly, but didn't affect his memory.  An AU look at the path Logan's life might have taken if he remembered everything Stryker had done.

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