June 5th, 2009

Round One: Pinch-hitter Sign-ups

Even though everyone who has signed up is responsible for writing a story, we know that stuff happens. When an author is unable to submit his or her story, we rely on our pinch-hitters to pick up the slack.

You're welcome to sign up as a pinch-hitter regardless of whether you signed up as an initial participant. Pinch-hitters have the same story length minimum (1000 words); however, the deadline for pinch-hit stories will be extended a week past the regular deadline. Pinch-hitters are subject to the same Rules and Guidelines as everyone else.

If you sign up as a pinch-hitter, be prepared to be contacted! It will be a very busy period, so I will be relying on you to come through on your commitments.

Thank you!

Beta-Reading Sign-Ups

This is the post for beta-readers to post some information about themselves, and to provide ways for writers to get in touch with them.

To post a beta profile, please C&P the following information into a comment:

When thinking about strengths and weaknesses, it might be helpful to use the following terms: mechanics and language, plot, characterization, flow/structure, canon-compliance, and general concrit. Writers, as you're looking through available beta-readers, try to find someone whose skills match your needs, if it's possible.

Beta-readers, thank you for your help!