May 27th, 2009

Round One: Voting for Official Fandoms

WOW, we nominated 92 fandoms! Awesome work, y'all. Now it's time to vote for official fandoms!

Vote by replying in a comment with the fandoms you'd like to vote for. You can vote for a maximum of FIVE fandoms. Please vote for the fandoms you are MOST LIKELY to write and request. Important: Please ONLY vote if you will sign up to participate.

If you want to CHANGE your vote, you can edit your comment or delete-and-replace. Votes will not be tallied until the end of the voting period.

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Voting: May 27 - June 3

Comments will be screened. I don't know yet how many votes it will take for a fandom to become official - it really depends on how many people vote and are willing to participate. (So, of course, we encourage you to continue pimping out gen_ficathon - and we sincerely appreciate everyone who has helped us out so far! *g*)

Remember, you can vote for up to FIVE fandoms!