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we will unfuck this situation at a later date

Poll Results & Round 2

From seeing the answers to the poll (which is now closed), here are my decisions regarding Round Two:

It will be an exchange, same as Round One.

Members will post their own stories, same as Round One.

It will take place from February to March.
There was one more vote for Jan-Feb than Feb-Mar, but I wanted to give everyone who's doing a holiday ficathon a break (and many holiday exchanges have assignments due in January as well). This means signups will take place in late Jan/early Feb, and fics will be due at the end of March. Posting will be in April. A more specific timeline will go up soon after Jan. 1.

We will adapt the Official Fandoms list.
I'll ask y'all about adding a few new fandoms. However, because several of the Official Fandoms were neither offered nor requested (or only by one or two people), I'll put up a poll asking y'all to trim a few of the least popular. That will help a great deal with matching. This will happen sometime in early December, I think.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know (in the comments, or you can PM me).
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