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Round One: Masterlist

The masterlist is here, and everything has (I think) been tagged properly! This means that you can repost your story anywhere you please (if you haven't already *g*).

Angel: The Series
From Now On (PG; Faith, Wesley, Others) - by brightknightie for tielan

China Discotica (PG13; Brennan, Others) - by monkianen for amilyn
Just Clean the Slate for Me (G; Cam, Angela, Brennan) - by attempt_unique for not_from_stars

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chosen Summer (PG; Kendra, Willow) - by seshat_maat for genarti
To the Hellmouth and Back (PG; Spike, Buffy, Angel, Others) - by lar_laughs for klutzy_girl

Chronicles of Narnia
Between (G; Susan, Others) - by genarti for philote_auctor

Relaxing Day (PG; Sarah, Ellie, Others) - by klutzy_girl for EVERYONE

Doctor Who (new)
A Matter of Perspective (PG; Martha) - by cuban_sombrero for ctorres
Five Phone Calls (PG; Martha, Jack) - by wheatear for cuban_sombrero

Mixed Up (PG13; Echo, Boyd) - by istoria for lar_laughs

Mending and Patchwork (PG; Kaylee, Simon, Others) - by amilyn for ryf
Mice, Crawling (PG; River, Book) - by ryf for etoiledunord

Forever Knight
The Code of Friendship (PG; Nick, Natalie, Don) - by foxy11814 for abby82
when your blood is gone, how will you survive? (PG; Nick, Lucien) - by abby82 for foxy11814

Harry Potter
Afterwards (PG; Draco, Blaise, Pansy) - by glinda_penguin for alexajohnson
Finding Neverland (PG; Rose, Hugo) - by alexajohnson for selah_ex_amino

Fourteen Days (PG13; Nathan, Peter, Others) - by etoiledunord for lostandalone22
Reaching Out (PG; Peter, Mohinder) - by mizubyte for neshel

A Very Simple Assignment (PG; Amanda, Methos) - by celli for amaresu
I Am Become Death (PG; Methos) - by velvetmouse for juliet42
Resonate with Stillness (PG13; Duncan, Methos) - by amaresu for nickygabriel

Lord of the Rings
Tower to Vengeance (PG; Earnur, Mardil) - by selah_ex_amino for seshat_maat

Knowing (PG13; Eloise, Richard, Daniel) - by neshel for EVERYONE

Only the Beginning (PG; Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gaius) - by alexajohnson for glinda_penguin
Rules of Propriety (PG; Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Others) - by philote_auctor for thedreamisreal

The Meaning to Life (PG13; Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, Ducky) - by lostandalone22 for EVERYONE

Old Kingdom
Blood of the Ninth (G; Nick, Mogget, Others) - by wheatear for amaresu

Pushing Daisies
Like No Business I Know (PG; Olive, Others) - by shinealightonme for attempt_unique

Star Trek: Reboot
A Future of Friends and Maybes (PG13; Uhura, Others) - by tielan for paperflowered
Hero (PG13; Kirk, Uhura) - by alexajohnson for brightknightie
I'm a Doctor, Not Your Dating Service (G; Bones, Kirk) - by not_from_stars for istoria
Shore Leave Gone Wrong (PG13; Kirk, Spock, McCoy) - by tptigger for kiarasayre
Stealing His Way In (G; Robau, Kirk) - by spockish_girl for betareject
The Road Now Travelled (PG; Sarek) - by istoria for EVERYONE
The Rule of Silences (G; Spock, Sarek) - by genarti for malinaldarose

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Wizard of Q (G; Q, Others) - by malinaldarose for EVERYONE

Star Trek: Voyager
First Sight (G; Tom, B'Elanna, Owen) - by nam_jai for darthlorexa
The Birth of Something Wonderful (G; B'Elanna) - by darthlorexa for nam_jai

Star Wars
Distractions (PG13; Anakin, Ahsoko, Others) - by frostbit_sky for cariel
My Real Dad (PG; Leia, Luke) - by cariel for tptigger
The Guardian and the Sage (PG; Padme, Sola) - by betareject for frostbit_sky

Stargate SG1
The Necklace (PG13; Sam, Vala) - by nickygabriel for mizubyte

X-Men Movieverse
Limbo (PG; Logan) - by mizubyte for monkianen

24 fandoms represented, from book to film to TV, and 43 fics total at this point. Niiiice, guys. :)

Don't forget our UNFILLED PROMPTS!
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