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"Stealing His Way In" For betareject

Title: Stealing His Way In
Recipient: betareject
Author: Spockish_girl
Fandom: Star Trek XI (09)
Character(s): Captain Robau, George Kirk, mentioning of Winona
Prompt: "I would love to know his back story and the friendship he had with Jim's father."
Rating: G
Word Count: 2889
Author's Notes: Sorry it's late! I hope it was what you were looking for! Or somewhat. :-) Beta read by sesshy_is_sexii. Thank you. :-)
Summary: The first meeting between George Kirk and Captain Robau of Star Trek XI. This takes place months before the beginning moments of Star Trek XI. This is the start of the friendship between George Kirk and Captain Robau.

Footsteps echoed down the hallway. The young officer in his cell looked up expecting to see yet another security officer about to move him to yet another shuttle that would bring him to yet another unknown spacedock where he would be questioned yet again. One set of footsteps came to a halt in front of the cell and the other one seemed to keep going and then come back, pacing. The officer in the cell looked up at the shadowy figures. There’s the next security guard, but who’s this other guy? Probably my judge or something. Or maybe he’s my lawyer!

“George Kirk?” The man in blue asked, moving closer toward the cell away from the security guard. His face became clearer now. His eyes were dark, serious and unwavering. He had a tall lean stature that commanded respect. His hands were clasped behind his back; his eyebrow was pivoted in a questioning pose. He was a Captain…of a Starship.

“That would be me,” George answered folding his hands together.

“Congratulations are in order then,” The Captain said without any change in his stoic expression.

“Congratulations? What for?” Kirk asked, standing unsure of what this man was getting at.

“Well, for you recent marriage of course. She is a very beautiful and talented young woman. I met her at the Academy a few years ago. She knows her astrophysics very well. Winona isn’t it?” The man moved to the other side of the security officer.

“My wife? How do you know about my wife?” George’s mind started to race. Something was seriously wrong with this picture and this man was certainly not the kind of Starfleet Captain that George usually encountered.

“Let’s just say I did my research on the man that stole my shuttle in the middle of my shore leave and left me stranded on Delta Vega for an entire week,”

George bit his lip. Of all shuttles he had to take, one that belonged to a Starfleet Captain of all people. He licked his lip and tried to play it off coyly, a little humor and a dash of innocence couldn’t hurt. “Was that your shuttle?”

“That was my shuttle,”

“Oh. Yeah, it is a bit…scratched up now, isn’t it? Well I am sorry about that, there was this ship in the way and well you know the rest of the story. I tried to explain to the security officers that apprehended me at spacedock that it was an emergency or so I thought. I didn’t know that Winona meant that she was like sick of being left alone in the house, I thought she was sick, you see my wife-“

“You don’t need to explain to me why you took my shuttle.” The shadowy figure silenced him with a hand. He turned to the security guard. “You may release him,”

“Sir?” The security officer turned to the Captain next to him. “But the charges sir, the court appearance. This officer has been charged with theft of your shuttlecraft and damage to Starfleet property. It would be impossible to-“

“Release him. I am dropping the charges.” The Captain looked into the security officer’s eyes with a sudden fierceness.

“I am sorry sir, but I really can’t do that. I mean, I can’t just release an officer in custody without authorization.”

“You have all the authorization you need, officer.”

“Sir?” The security officer blinked, his face showing complete confusion.

The captain pointed to the gold bands around his wrist on his uniform shirtsleeves. “This is your authorization, commander.”

The security guard nervously gulped and moved to slide a card in the small security panel next to the cell. The clear screen dropped down and Kirk stepped backward.

“I don’t understand,” Kirk mumbled looking to the Captain.

“You don’t have too, just walk with me lieutenant.” The Captain started walking down the narrow corridor.

Kirk stared out of the cell, shocked and realized that the intention was for him to follow the Captain. He quickly scrambled out of his cell, grateful to be rid of the cramped space. He glanced up at the security guard, giving a weak smile. “I’d say ‘see you around’ but I’d rather not if it means I have to be in there,” Kirk laughed a bit indicating the cell. When the guard didn’t even give him a change in expression, Kirk just gave a nervous laugh and hurried to catch up to the Captain.

I don’t even know his name…

He finally caught up, coming to walk in stride with this mysterious Captain. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” Kirk tried to make eye contact, but the Captain merely stared straight ahead.

“That’s because I didn’t tell you,” The man continued looking ahead, taking a turn into a larger room.

“Oh…well, I was just wondering. I mean you know my name…actually you seem to know a lot about me.”

“I made it a priority to look at your file. I was…curious who had the expertise to break an encrypted security lock on a class four shuttle. It is not an easy task,”

“Well, really all you have to do is just get into the system and create a sequencing program. There’s more to it though, I mean it took me a while to learn how to manage things like that, but it comes in handy now and then.” Kirk shrugged.

“Like when you want to steal a shuttle, perhaps?” The Captain gave him a slight glance with a bit of a smile starting to form.

“I don’t make stealing shuttles part of my daily routine, but the occasional shuttle, just for the fun of it, you know?” Kirk laughed.

“Very amusing.” The Captain walked out of the security complex, Kirk following. They moved throughout the main hall. The Captain turned onto the observance deck, indicating for Kirk to follow. “I actually was very impressed with your file. That is why I made the effort to come see you in person. I wanted to see if you were really the man that your file said you were. I am curious as to why you did not accept the position of first officer on the Kelvin last year. You have the qualifications. And besides this shuttle stealing habit of yours, your record is quite respectable. You seem to be quite an officer.”

“Thank you, sir.” Kirk blushed slightly. “I think about that decision everyday honestly. It was a hard one to make, but I hope for another chance someday. Last year, I was getting ready to get married, my father was sick and I had to take care of him and I had never even met the Captain of the Kelvin. I couldn’t imagine myself working so close with a man I had never met. I’ve always believed that a first officer and a Captain should work closely, to ensure the safety of their crew and to carry out their mission putting those two priorities before anything else. I don’t believe in giving in, there’s always got to be something better coming. If you can’t do one thing then try another thing. As long as you get the same result that you hoped for. Well, anyway, I never did get to meet the Captain of the Kelvin. I heard he died in action a couple months ago actually. There’s a new Captain now.” Kirk sighed, his hand touching the railing near the window.

“Yes there is. He is an interesting man; he comes from an interesting background. Born in Cuba, raised in the Middle East by a single mother. He was on a leave taking care of her actually until this point. She died three months ago. He just returned to Starfleet last month. He’s been getting back into the swing of things. He’s a good man; at least I think so. He has the same ideals that you seem to have. He always looks for a solution, wanting the best for his crew. He’s looking for a first officer actually. Or so I’ve heard. The position is open and he’s going through the candidates personally. I guess since he’s been out of circulation he’s trying to find someone who he can get to know personally and make sure it’s the right one.” Robau looked out at the ships in the dock, seeming to look for a certain one in particular. George wondered which one was his but did not ask.

“You know him personally then?” George asked quietly.

“Oh yes, very well.” The Captain nodded, smiling slightly. “His name is Robau. Captain Robau. You should get to know him when you get a chance. Perhaps read his file, do a bit of research and perhaps you will get that chance again to try for first officer aboard the Kelvin. Maybe your wife can find a position aboard the ship as well? It could be possible if you pull the right strings for yourself. I wish you luck, really.”

“Thank you…and thank you for…um…bailing me out back there. I really didn’t mean to steal your shuttle like that. I am very sorry. . um…well, you still haven’t given me your name.” George pushed a bit, hoping the Captain would finally tell him his name so he could remember to look him up and thank him formally later.

“Richard. Consider it forgiven. I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm. I already have requested a new shuttle anyway, with a better security lock, mind you. It’s been nice getting to know you George Kirk, I hope to see you around. You should try applying for that position. You might just get it. And…you might want to keep that shuttle stealing habit of yours in check. That’s quite a dangerous and trouble-making habit to have. I might not be able to get you out of it next time.” Richard offered his hand to George. George took it, smiling his thanks.

“I agree. I am definitely considering that position aboard the Kelvin. Maybe I’ll do some research of my own and look up this Captain Robau. Sounds like a decent man and hopefully a good Captain,” George smiled.

“You do that,” Richard nodded, moving in an opposite direction from Kirk. “Good luck, Kirk. I am sure you have a good chance.”

“Thank you!” George yelled back down the hall, a smile breaking onto his face. He hurried to a comm station and got in contact with Winona letting her know that he’d be with her soon. He was about to go to the shuttle deck to find a shuttle heading back to Earth, but his curiosity got the best of him. Walking by a computer station, Kirk felt magnetized. He sat down, entering in “Robau, Captain”. The name came up and Kirk opened the file. Slowly a picture appeared followed by a record and profile. Richard Robau came up on the screen, followed by a list of many medals of honor and past positions on other ships. There was quite a list. Kirk scanned back to the picture and his mouth gaped open. Richard…Robau. Captain Richard Robau. It was him. It was the Captain. He had stolen Captain Richard Robau’s shuttle and Captain Robau himself had almost insisted that he apply for the position of first officer aboard his ship. Kirk gasped out loud. He almost gave a little smile, impressed by the Captain’s methods of looking for a first officer. It’s not every day that a Captain goes first officer hunting on his own like that. It sure was an unorthodox method, if not interesting. Kirk decided to send him a message, a formal application for the job if you will, requesting an official meeting aboard the Kelvin. He had to check out the ship for himself. George hoped that it lived up to the hype as Starfleet’s best ship on the line as of yet. He heard it had a good engine capacity and George was looking forward to checking it out himself. As he sent the message, George smiled to himself, feeling confident. A couple weeks ago, he stole a shuttle, today, he made a good impression. Tomorrow he may be first officer of a starship, and a few months from now he might just make Captain. I should definitely start stealing shuttles more often.


Aboard the Kelvin two days later…

“I’m glad to see that you’re interested in the position, I was a little worried that you weren’t as interested as you seemed. I was hoping you’d eventually realize that I was Captain Robau. I am sorry for playing games with you. I just felt it was necessary to meet you as Richard instead of Captain Robau,” The Captain was walking with Kirk through the Kelvin’s engineering section. “But anyway…I realized that not your average man can break a security lock and handle a shuttle like you can. When I found out it was a Starfleet officer who stole my shuttle, I had to look you up. After looking up your file I realized that you had an incredible record for a lieutenant. You just seemed to have a first officer material to you. However, I had to make sure. I am very interested in you becoming a first officer aboard my ship, Mr. Kirk. But…I do know you have your options available to you…and a wife to consider. I do have a position available…in the science department. If your wife were interested, I’d be happy to have her on my science staff. She is a very talented scientist and I could use her expertise. Besides, I know a newly married man isn’t going to leave a pretty wife behind at home.” Robau gave Kirk a little wink.

George smiled at that and gave a little laugh at the Captain’s remark. “I’ll ask her about it, I’m sure she’ll be glad to get out of the house and get back to work. She was cooped on Starbase 11 for quite some time as the active science officer. I know she’s been dying to get back out there on a starship.” George smiled. “I know the feeling, actually,” George’s mind seemed to drift a little and questions and curiosity kept coming back to bite at him. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking…what made you choose me, as in…what makes you sure that I’m the one to be your first officer?”

Robau’s eyes seemed to soften and he didn’t speak for a moment. He licked his lips before answering Kirk. “I like to pick the very best people, George. I like to have people I know I can trust. I have to get to know a person before I can work with them. My mother always used to say I was a good judge of character. I think that I have judged you to be a good man. I believe that I can trust you, George Kirk.” The Captain gave Kirk a smile. “Well, even if you did steal my shuttle.” Robau's eyes twinkled.

“I am sorry about that sir, really-“

“No need. I would have never discovered your file if you hadn’t.” Robau cocked his eyebrow. “Let me know of your final decision and do speak with your wife. I will make the proper arrangements with Starfleet.” Robau gave Kirk a slight smile.

“Thank you, sir. I will.” Kirk smiled back.

“I hope the ship met to your approval. I had my chief engineer make sure the engines were in perfect order for that test cruise today.” Robau let his hand rest gently on the silver railing around the engine room.

“Yes, thank you for showing me around…she is a beauty,” Kirk smiled.

“Indeed. I hope you have the chance to be an active member of her crew soon enough. I am sure as first officer you’ll take good care of her for me when I need the extra help,” Robau looked around at the silver interior of his ship. “But please, next time you want to take a little cruise, I’d rather you not steal this ship,” Robau turned to Kirk with a joking expression.

“Well, if I have to steal a ship to get attention in the galaxy, then I might do it a bit more often,” Kirk laughed.

“I hope you don’t. I won’t be able to keep bailing my own first officer out of security. It will give me a bad reputation,” Robau joked back.

“I’m sure,” Kirk smiled. “Thanks again for the opportunity,”

“No, thank you for being the right one,” Robau smiled. “I need to be getting to my bridge. Captain’s chair is just calling me, you know.” Robau pointed upward as if the chair was sitting right above him.

“I should be going too, I need to get back and talk to Winona about this. We have some packing to do,” Kirk said, moving towards the doors.

“See you soon then?” Robau asked.

“My answer is a ‘Definitely’, I just have to get that approved with the wife,” Kirk answered.

There were no spoken good-byes. Robau merely nodded his head with a small smile upon his face. Kirk gave a broad grin in return, heading to the transporter room.

Kirk had not only stolen a shuttle a few weeks ago…he had stolen the opportunity of a lifetime and he was not regretting stealing that shuttle one bit.


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