Poll Results & Round 2

From seeing the answers to the poll (which is now closed), here are my decisions regarding Round Two:

It will be an exchange, same as Round One.

Members will post their own stories, same as Round One.

It will take place from February to March.
There was one more vote for Jan-Feb than Feb-Mar, but I wanted to give everyone who's doing a holiday ficathon a break (and many holiday exchanges have assignments due in January as well). This means signups will take place in late Jan/early Feb, and fics will be due at the end of March. Posting will be in April. A more specific timeline will go up soon after Jan. 1.

We will adapt the Official Fandoms list.
I'll ask y'all about adding a few new fandoms. However, because several of the Official Fandoms were neither offered nor requested (or only by one or two people), I'll put up a poll asking y'all to trim a few of the least popular. That will help a great deal with matching. This will happen sometime in early December, I think.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know (in the comments, or you can PM me).

Old Kingdom trilogy: Blood of the Ninth, for amaresu

Title: Blood of the Ninth
Recipient: amaresu
Author: wheatear
Fandom: Old Kingdom trilogy
Character(s): Nicholas Sayre, Mogget, Sameth, Lirael
Prompt: Something set post-Abhorsen. Picking up the pieces, settling into new roles. Anything along those lines.
Rating: G
Word Count: 2775
Author's Notes: Many thanks to Sanaryelle for beta reading!
Summary: Baptised with a Charter mark, Nicholas Sayre now belongs to the world of the Old Kingdom. But what does the Destroyer's legacy mean for him? Nick wants answers. Mogget may have them.
Warnings: Spoilers for the trilogy and The Creature in the Case.

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  • celli

Highlander: A Very Simple Assignment for amaresu

Title: A Very Simple Assignment
Recipient: amaresu
Author: celli
Fandom: Highlander
Character(s): Amanda, Methos
Prompt: "Protection detail gone hilariously wrong."
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1031
Author's Notes: Thanks to merryish and Caro for reassuring me that I am, occasionally, funny. And all the thanks in the world to brightknightie for the beta, for the title, and for helping me fall back in love with my first fandom after almost a decade away.
Summary: "It's a protection detail. Actually, I take that back." Amanda waved a hand in the air. "It's a well-paid babysitting job."

A Very Simple Assignment

Round Two Poll: On the Future of Gen_Ficathon

Poll #1481338 Gen_Ficathon
This poll is closed.

When should Round Two be? (Assume that signups are at the beginning of the first month, and deadline is at the end of the next month.)

January - February
February - March
March - April
April - May

What format should Round Two take?

Exchange - Same as R1.
Ficathon - Members submit and claim prompts for themselves.
Other (will suggest in comments)

IF we did another exchange, how should posting occur?

Writers post their own stories to the queue (same as R1).
Anonymous posting! The mod should collect all the stories and post under genficbot (created for this purpose). Then have a reveal!

IF we do another exchange, should we update the Official Fandoms list? (Possible additions: Glee, White Collar, Eastwick, Stargate Universe.)

Yes, let's all re-nominate and vote in official fandoms from scratch.
Yes, let's add a few fandoms to the existing list.
Have the mod put together a new Official Fandoms list (based on what was requested/written in R1) without the nominating/voting hassle. (My vote.)
No, it's fine as-is.

IF we did a ficathon, what do you think should be acceptable prompts?

words and phrases
visual prompts (photos, art, etc)

Opinions, suggestions, and discussions are welcome in the comments. (I will put up a new post where you can leave feedback for me, personally, later.)

Unfilled Prompts: Update

Another participant came forward to say they didn't receive a story. Their prompts have been added to the UNFILLED PROMPTS post, which you should check out immediately! We have four authors over there, each of whom did their part and wrote a great story for the fest, but who didn't get anything in return. They need some love!

There are prompts from the following big fandoms:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who (new)
Harry Potter
Star Trek XI
Star Wars
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis

as well as some smaller fandoms.

Round One is finished.

All the fics that were sent in have been posted. FOUR of our recipients still have not received stories, and it doesn't look like their writers will come through (in the interest of full disclosure, one of them is me). However, I'd like to give all y'all the opportunity to gift them with some fic (of any length - doesn't have to be 1000 words). Post it to the community as usual, if one of these prompts catches your fancy!

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I'd like to thank all of our pinch hitters, and especially alexajohnson, who picked up not one, but TWO extra stories to write, on top of her original assignment. :) Thanks hon.

Real life has been especially time-consuming in the last few months - as I'm sure you've noticed - and it doesn't seem like that's changing. In a few days I'll put up a poll and questions for your feedback and the future of gen_ficathon.

The masterlist is coming soon! *g*
two people in love

Merlin: Only the Beginning for glinda_penguin

Title: Only the Beginning
Recipient: glinda_penguin
Author: alexajohnson
Fandom: Merlin
Character(s): Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gaius
Prompt: Team-y goodness, a mythical beast threatens Camelot, our
heroes work together to defeat it. (Bonus points for sword fights)
Three Things I Don't Want: Character bashing, unrelenting darkness or schmaltz
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,360
Author's Notes: Well, due to time constraints, this as much of an ensemble piece as I would've liked it to be (and I was unable to fit Gwen in at all ):) and there isn't a lot of sword fighting...and I know it's a little rushed, and for that I apologize! So this probably really isn't what you had in mind at all, but I hope you like it anyway!
Summary: People are mysteriously dying around the kingdom, and of course magic is involved. Just business as usual in Camelot. Takes place early on in Season 1.

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captain james t. kirk

Star Trek VI: "Hero" for brightknightie

Title: Hero
Recipient: brightknightie
Author: alexajohnson
Fandom: Star Trek VI
Character(s): Jim Kirk and Uhura, with an appearance by Bones
Prompt: “As resulting directly from the events of the new movie:
Bereavement, grief, survival, remember.”
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,271
Author's Notes: This is my very first attempt at writing Trek fic, and all my knowledge about the fandom comes from the movie and other fanfiction so hopefully the voices sound right! Hope you enjoy!
Summary: Jim Kirk comes to terms with his new life after the awards ceremony.

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  • amilyn

Firefly: "Mending and Patchwork" - for ryf, PG

Title: Patchwork Mending
Recipient: ryf
Author: amilyn
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Character(s): Kaylee, Serenity, everyone else
Prompt: Kaylee, after Serenity
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2170
Author's Notes: Thanks to sure_i_am, mtgat, taraljc, Rache, and especially ayiana, for their very fast betas, and to paperflowered for her patience with my tardiness.
Summary: After Serenity there are many, many pieces to put back together.

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